Consolidated Invoicing & Price Book Enforcement

Price book enforcement and automated invoice processing for consistent and timely payments

  • Eliminate Invoice Errors
  • Maintain Consistent Price Books
  • Process Invoices Faster

Reduce Time & Effort Processing Invoices

Complicated Invoicing Processes Cost Money

Reduce Vendor Numbers and Decrease Invoices Being Processed

Processing thousands of invoices is complicated and often leads to payment, credit, and timing errors.

  • Fewer Vendor Numbers Saves Time and Cost
  • Receive Accurate, Agreed Upon Prices At Your Stores
  • Eliminate Non-Conforming Invoice Submission
  • One Point of Contact
  • Easily Integrate With Existing Technology

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invoi application
invoi application

Get Paid Faster & Eliminate Billing Errors

Managing different prices across retailers and getting paid correctly on time is difficult.

  • Ensure Price Book Accuracy
  • Easily Track Invoice and Payment Status
  • Automate Data Entry and Collections
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Modernize Invoicing Process
  • Obtain One National Vendor Number to Access Nationwide Retailers

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1/5 of invoices have at least one error on them

Errors cause delays, cost money, and slows down business

At Tactiq, we’re the experts in error free, fast invoicing

Billions of dollars and millions of invoices processed since 2015

700,000 + Invoices Processed Yearly

200,000,000 + Dollars Processed Yearly

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How does Invoi work?

We make invoicing easy. Easy to send. Easy to pay.

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Products Get Delivered

When delivered, we process the invoices and put them through a rigorous 7 point validation.


Error Free & Easy Payment Processing

Once invoices are validated, we aggregate them in one EDI transmission for easy review.


Easy Visibility & Tracking

After retailers pay, all parties can follow the payment progress until the distributor gets their money without delay.


Stronger & More Profitable Relationships

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are all happier with better communication and payment processes.

Manufacturers & Distributors That Trust Tactiq


Invoi FAQs

Implementing a new system is a big deal. How do you help?

Our implementation team ensures a smooth transition, so your staff is never overwhelmed. Our team will assist in getting setup and everyone on board.

What retailers are currently using Invoi?

Dollar General, Family Dollar, Big Lots!, Dollar Tree, CVS, Menard’s, Kum and Go, Circle K

I don’t use EDI, can I still use Invoi?

Yes! You can upload a file containing your invoices into our easy-to-use online portal or send your invoices to our billing experts to handle.

How quickly is an invoice processed once I submit it using Invoi?

24 to 48 hours

What if I already have a vendor #, do I need a different one to use Invoi?

Yes, a new number will be needed. The vendor number has to be associated with the vendor that is being paid.

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