Geoff Bevan

Geoff Bevan

Business Development

No, that’s not a tazmanian devil running circles around you, it’s our own Geoff Bevan. So, If you are living life in the slow lane, watch out for him passing on your left! Meet the man who finds joy in living life to the fullest potential. A big part of his work here at DSD Partners is helping customers reach their full potential too. Every day, Geoff uses his investigative skills to understand businesses and connect to help execute meaningful solutions to brick and mortar business challenges in the digital age.

Fueled by Mexican food and good local beers, Geoff also makes time to contribute to a few causes including Alzheimer’s/Dementia care, children’s mental health care and adaptive skiing programs. New experiences and seeing new places energizes Geoff, keeping him motivated to blast toward his goals. Once he trains to swim in open water, his next finish line will be that of a triathlon. Geoff also loves live music and is still searching for the show that tops a Paul Simon concert.

Looking to increase sales? Tired of chasing issues? Eager to harness the power of communication and technology? If so, then Geoff is standing by, ready with solutions to help your business thrive. With the mindset of an intent listener, he leads the pack, hunting out where the inefficiencies lie within your retail operation. In fact, Geoff’s spirit animal is a wolf, which makes sense when you look at the stack of medals Geoff has earned for running great distances. Living by his personal mantra, Geoff views life as a marathon, rather than a sprint. Never one to sleep in, you will find Geoff and his daughter out training for the next marathon, often before anyone else has even had their coffee.

Nowadays Geoff is busy empowering convenience store operators as well as mega grocery chains with technology from DSD Partners. Much like his running, the results are easy to see, and we love that Geoff’s hands-on service makes the results instantly obvious to our customers.

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