Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett

Operations and Finance

Financial foresight? Check. Deep understanding of DSD business? Check. High level of integrity and ethical standards? Check. Our COO, Jason Garrett, doesn’t just write all the checks, he checks all the boxes! He thinks in terms of immediate needs without losing sight of the bigger picture, and that is what smart DSD is all about.

Jason’s bucket list includes meeting Michael Jordan and flying an F-22 Raptor. To date, the closest he has come to either is visiting a Foot Locker on his way to the local airport- but we are rooting for him to one day meet that legendary #23 and fly at 1,498 mph.

After trading in his trustee TI84 calculator and nerdy pocket protector, Jason now oversees all of DSD Partners’ operations. His work responsibilities are mission-critical; but so is his commitment to his growing family. Jason may seem all-business behind his multiple monitors and 10-keys, but his teammates often catch a glimpse of his more human side peeking out from behind the corner office. The clues are always there, hinting at his fun side… the callouses on his hands as if he’s been playing
golf. The cute desktop plush Lilo & Stitch doll as if he’s been on a recent trip to Disneyworld. That dazed look in his eye like he’s been dreaming of a trip to Ireland or Scotland. And what about that radio in the corner replaying the Cubs game? Yep, evidence definitely suggests that this COO is more than meets the eye!

This Ryne Sandberg Supporter is no fair-weather-fan, cheering on the Chicago Cubs through thick (2016) and thin (Every year except 2016). But that is what he is all about- wholeheartedly supporting his team, that includes the DSD Partners’ team as well. Jason is always laser-focused on the bottom line of our customers. He stays motivated because he gets to see the fruits of his labor, the partnerships with manufacturers, distributors and retailers that are positively impacting the DSD industry.

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Cold Dr. Pepper

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“Let’s Play Two” ~ Ernie Banks

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