Jess Reasor

Jess Reasor


Fluent in the universal language of dollars and cents, who better to handle the everyday finances of DSD Partners than our very own Jess Reasor! She values attention to detail and accurate analysis to ensure the data she pulls paints the full financial picture. Jess lives in the minutia and her number-crunching mindset brings digits to life, making cents (zing!) right off the page.

Managing financial accounts isn’t all Jess is about, outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family. When she’s indoors, this self-proclaimed bookworm loves learning and absorbing new information. Catch her outside and you’ll likely see her on a horse. She has been riding horses for over 25 years and believe us when we say that cultivating relationships between horse and rider is no easy task. With consistency and hard work, long-lasting bonds of trust are created, a true quality embodied by Jess.

Jess’s contributions as Controller, positive rapport, and time management skills have been a great influence on the team. Her spirit animal is the “early bird” but don’t worry, this early bird doesn’t eat worms, just pizza, which her kids are always enthusiastically demanding she share!

Although she loves hanging out with family, riding horses, reading books, playing board games and crunching numbers like a boss, Jess’ greatest joy is making her kids giggle. How sweet! 

We like Jess. Be like Jess.

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