Kate Fraley

Kate Fraley

Unbound and fearless, Kate is always on an adventure. Whether she is hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, taking extracurricular courses, or simply making friends with every stranger within range, you will find Curious Kate, the Explorer. Unapologetically energetic, ambitious and steady, she is constantly beaming with spurts of creativity and bouncing ideas off of whoever is close by.

Expanding her knowledge outside of Marketing, she is learning skills related to Emergency Medical Response and Finance Management, as well as honing her orating skills- you might even catch her speaking on a podcast or two. She also gleans all sorts of wisdom from her elders. In fact, when she volunteers her time helping the elderly, they do most of the talking and she does most of the listening. This self-described ‘Student at the school of life’ also enjoys sharing her passions and teaches adults in her arts and crafts classes. Adults? Yes, adults!

An extrovert and certified sponge (if there were such a thing), Kate is a market researcher at heart as she gathers and absorbs information like no other. She is always exploring perspectives that only come from reaching outside those in the thick of things.

“Habla Espanol?” Kate not only speaks fluent Spanish, and bits and pieces of other languages she’s picked up on her many travels, she is now working on learning ASL (American Sign Language), so don’t worry if she goes quiet- she is certainly still communicating.

Kate’s home is curated with memories from her adventures, including over 120 sand samples from various volcano tuffs including Mt Bromo in Indonesia, Iwo Jima in Japan, Dune 7 in Namibia, and a bunch of places you never knew existed. Lying down beneath all of this, you will find her dog, Ginger. Kate rescued this Sharpei/Beagle mutt after she sat at the shelter for eons, enough to be nicknamed “The Old Lady” of the pound. 

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“The secret to success is equal parts Exercise, Affection and Discipline” ~ The Dog Whisperer

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