Kim Raburn

Kim Raburn


When you are ready to see some sparks fly, just hand Kim a computer, then stand back. This woman is a whiz at developing databases and ensuring that our clients have the most accurate and insightful analytics to help them achieve their goals. With a powerhouse team and cutting-edge technology, Kim leads the charge with her energy and passion for development. But even with all that tech expertise, you won’t find Kim hiding behind her screen like your average ‘Geek.’ In fact, there’s nothing average about her. We are thrilled to have this extroverted, kind and wicked-smart woman on the DSD Partners’ team.

Kim brings an element of joy and gratitude to our team, and she certainly has a lot to be grateful for. She is grateful for the opportunity to care for the needs of her family. Each year for Thanksgiving she gets to enjoy her favorite things- celebrating her wedding anniversary and the gathering of friends and family around the table. Much like her hero, Jim Henson, she loves to surround herself with silly, smart, curious and supportive people. Kim really admires Jim Henson, not only for his personal character, but because she connects so deeply with Jim’s creation, Kermit.

Of course, when you think of someone who uses their hands on a computer keyboard for a living, you wouldn’t assume they are also good at other handicrafts. Kim, however, is ambidextrous- so when she’s not at work, you’re likely to catch her using her hands to tune up cars, craft jewelry, and perfecting the oh-so-important ‘behind the ear scratch’ for her dog Annie. She holds strong to her Florida roots and still cheers for the Miami Dolphins NFL team each fall. As a child in Plant City Florida (You guessed it- the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World), Kim excelled at math and physics, dreaming of the day she would become a Math teacher. That is, until she was introduced to computers and the power of technology.

There is pure magic when entertainment and education are combined, and Kermit The Frog was certainly the ring leader. He taught the world (and a young Kim Raburn) about chasing dreams, staying optimistic, and genuinely caring for others. It’s no secret that Kim applies these same principals to her management style and she is imperative to our customers’ success.

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“The only way magic works is by hard work. But hard work can be fun.” ~ Jim Henson

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