Mike Waters

Mike Waters

CEO, Founder

Ever our fearless leader and innovator, Mike Waters is the captain of DSD Partners. Much like taking sail on a fishing trip, Mike is right at home in the wheelhouse. He envisions applications that utilize technology to help make our industry partners more efficient and profitable. Rather than be a bull in a china shop, he leverages the abilities of his team to get the job done, and done right. Mike is aware of his crew’s strengths and has learned to depend on the talented DSD Partners team to execute, even though they without as many gray hairs (and wisdom;) as he has.

Whoah, what was that!? A cheetah?! Oh no, it’s just Mike zipping by on his race bike as he pedals through a tough, 100-mile ride. He gets his speed fill on back roads and the occasional race track since he stopped racing cars competitively a few years ago. He’s definitely in good shape for a spring chicken, but those long rides can really drain you. No worry, he’s about to down a pepperoni pizza to make up for it, sorry not sorry.

Did I mention he is also the proud father of 5 children and 12 grandkids!? Holy moly, what a crew, they love vacationing as a family at the beach. Just don’t ask him to find the one activity where everyone (6 couples and 12 grandkids) all want to do. Mike understands the value of quality one-on-one time.

Making sure to aim the ship accurately, Mike thinks back to his time on the sea and remembers “It’s not the gale, it’s the set of the sail that determines where we go.” Mike honed his craft after years in the DSD industry, whether it was his corporate days at Frito-Lay, manufacturing private label products or developing products for Richard Simmons.

VroooOOOOM! Now, what was that?! Oh, it’s the sound of Mike speeding down the road in his 1962 Austin Healey wearing a USC hat. This man does not pump the brakes, ever. He’s always got to be quick, to the point, ‘tip of the spear’ if you will, as he is incredibly busy. In addition to co-founding DSD Partners over 15 years ago, Mike is very involved in helping others. Whether he is serving his church, including outreach and working with the community. Mike also serves on the board of Easter Seals/UCP, providing support to those with disabilities and other limiting factors.

Mike loves his Twinkies of course, but really he is an adventurous eater, the more exotic, the better. However, Indian Food just recently lost out to Vietnamese due to a long and unfortunate night contemplating his love for Chicken Tikka Masala after eating some that was undercooked. It could also be just because Mike is longing to visit Asia and take in the culture and food where it was meant to be experienced.

Favorite DSD Item

Skim Milk

And I Quote

“Tis the set of the sails and not the gales that determines where they go” ~ George Weston

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