Missy Edwards

Missy Edwards


Forget everything you think you know about Accountants, and introduce yourself to Missy. This abacus-obsessed diva can slice and dice a spreadsheet in milliseconds, and make it look easy! She doesn’t miss a single cent and at DSD Partners, that level of accuracy really makes our customers cheer. Missy loves being challenged with ensuring the very best practices of our retailer guidelines while providing the ‘human touch’ to keep our distributors smiling. 

One of her idols is her father, a cancer survivor. He taught her the power of hard work and proved just how far determination and faith can take her. Missy is a hard-working, level-headed, number-loving introvert. Luring Missy out of her shell is simple- just start talking about murder mystery stories or handbags, two of her favorite topics.

Missy leads a stellar team, and she is so proud that together they’ve crushed their goal of processing over $100 million in invoices in one year. But this Business Admin scholar is more than just a walking calculator, she’s also a Call Of Duty champion and an elite bass fisher! On top of all that, Missy is a wife, a Mom to two beautiful girls, and a die-hard Dallas Cowboys football fan.

She has always loved a cute purse to hold all of her trinkets, but her affection for handbags goes well beyond their functionality. Even her sister shares in her passion for designer bags. Missy comes to work with a new purse all the time- we think that is her secret weapon to keep her inspired and sorting through invoices like a champ.

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Favorite DSD Item

Kiwi Strawberry Snapple

And I Quote

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!'” ~ Audrey Hepburn

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