Phil Gomez

Phil Gomez

Chairman, Founder

No, that’s not a model coming straight off the pages of GQ magazine, that’s our endlessly passionate and creative Chairman Phil! As co-founder of DSD Partners and current Chairman of the Board of Advisors, Phil uses his industry knowledge and years of experience to continuously review the business and provide strategic planning for the future.

You probably thought, that has to be it, no way he has enough time for anything else but you guessed it, this lifelong learner has a few more passions and talents up his sleeve. One of his most cherished hobbies is metal sculpting which he began to learn in 2015, since then he has created countless works of art using reclaimed metals and other mix media and is well respected by his peers in the art community. Thanks to his mother, Phil was instilled with the self-confidence needed to excel in anything he set his mind to. Thanks mom!

Trust me when I say Phil is always on the go-go-go, outside of strategic planning at DSD Partners, Phil leads our mission in serving the communities we live in as an active member of his church and graduate student mentor at Biola University. Phil also volunteers his time at One Generation Alliance, who helped raise capital to expand the building funds of Rancho La Hermosa Orphanage, Door of Faith Organization, and Siloe Clinic in Mexico.

At the end of the day none of this would be possible without the loving support of his wife Colleen who he admires for her positive attitude, love of life and faith, and great sense of humor. And the rest of his family who he always prioritizes time for whether it’s a family trip or a quick lunch.

Favorite DSD Item

Dryers Ice Cream

And I Quote

“My mama always said ‘Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get.” ~ Forest Gump

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